WiFree was a VFX intensive “experimental neo-noir sci-fi political techno-thriller” experimental short film project I produced while living at the Savoy Hotel in Trinidad, Colorado, which culminated in a short trailer and KickStarter campaign.

This project was never meant to look “realistic, rather to explore the expressive possibilities of 3D VFX compositing software with an inclination toward lo-fi stylized cyberpunk and vaporwave inspired aesthetics.

Synopsis: What would happen if R&D engineers in a multinational consumer technology corporation headed by an ambitious founder CEO privately facing terminal cancer discovered a working ‘free energy’ circuit? If such a person with nothing to lose planned a surprise product release of historic proportions, would anyone try to stop it?

This was a zero budget project executed with inexpensive camera and audio equipment, filmed in an improvised green screen studio in a small room in the basement of the Savoy Hotel. The Kickstarter campaign I put together to fund the full execution of this project ultimately didn’t meet it’s funding objectives – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1477381605/wifree. So much work went into this! The audio in particular is substandard, but I learned so, so much about compositing and filmmaking and nonetheless feel proud of the aesthetically stylized outcome of this project.